Rules of Collaboration

Rules of Collaboration

1. When we enter into collaboration, we set aside our individual goals, and put forward our individual talents, in service of larger goals that we agree upon and share in common.

2. Respect yourself and others. Trust yourself and others.

3. Do not gossip about what happens during planning sessions, games, exercises, rehearsals, or performances. Do not discuss specifics with people outside the group.

4. Assume good will. Exercise good will. Do not (physically or verbally) mock, offend, belittle, etc. any group member, unless it is as part of an exercise. Do not assume mockery, offense or belittlement in the actions or words of another group member.

5. Do not place blame on yourself or others during the course of collaboration, or in retrospect.

6. Above all, aim to help create a safe environment for experimentation.

7. Be free, be real, have fun, and keep the channel open!