We Didn’t Cross The Border, The Border Crossed Us

Honoring our Ancestors

By honoring our ancestors, we must honor our ancestral lands, of which our people have walked on for thousands of years. Just like the monarch butterfly migrates throughout the continent, our ancestors have traveled throughout the Americas for millennia as well. The Americas, better known as Turtle Island and Anahuac by Indigenous nations, has always been our home. Our people weren’t conquered, they were invaded and the social construct of a border was created to control the land and its resources, by creating a false perception that we are aliens on our own land.

The ramification of control is that systems of oppression were created to bury us, but what they didn’t know is that we are like seeds. When we are buried in the womb of our Mother Earth, we germinate roots and grow like mighty trees. It is time to reclaim our indigenous identity. We are rooted in the ancestral knowledge of our people and come from a long line of warriors who have survived colonization, genocide, racism, and oppression. Despite all of this, we are still here. We are not going anywhere. We are the reality that our ancestors dreamed about and fought for. These fake political borders don’t pertain to us as Indigenous people, because we didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us!


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