FAQ Sheet

Call for Research, Creative Proposals, & Participants for Arts Under The Stars (AUTS) Spring 2017


The only BORDER that exists is the one in your mind!

There are a few avenues of involvement:

Want to Perform?

  • If you are interested in being ON STAGE performing: sign up for PA 391 Production. No previous experience required. Class meets MW 3-5:50 PM (link coming) Range of performance interests can be theatre, dance, music, cirque, poetry, video design, technology integration, robot building, drone operator, etc. The only limitation is the one in your mind- if you have a unique talent you want to contribute- join us!
  • If you are interested in being a dancer in Dance Ensemble PADA 458, Please contact Lynn Schwaebe lynn.schwaebe@csuci.edu. Lynn will be crafting a piece  for AUTS throughout the semester using workshop methods and collaboration.
  • If you are interested in being a musician/vocalist in the Contemporary Music ensemble PAMU 310, Please contact Paul Murphy paul.murphy@csuci.edu.
  • It is possible to enroll simultaneously in PA 391 Production, PAMU 310 Music Ensemble, and PADA 458 Dance Ensemble. Please contact Heather Castillo heather.castillo@ csuci.edu for more information.

Interested in Behind the Scenes, Helping Out, Spreading the Word, PR?

  •  If you are interested in EVENT PLANNING: advertising, social media, food service, production development, event coordinator, stage manager, marketing specialist, web site designer, liaison between performers and researchers, website creation,  artwork, program development, input on PA Fall production, implementation of technology in performance,
  • Enroll in PA 490 Special Topics Events Course with Catherine Burriss (link coming) Class Meets MW 3-4:15

Got an Idea?

  • If you are interested in proposing a research or creative idea, please fill out the Google Form Here.
  • Your involvement during Spring for AUTS can be independent study with a faculty member, joining the production or events course, participation with a specific class, or arrangements can be made ahead of time. Google forms due by December 1 , 2016 for consideration in Spring 2017.
  • Please submit the attached form that includes a 250 word proposal of research or creative topic.

Want to Be on a Creative Team?:

If you are interested in collaborating as a film maker, choreographer, actor, dancer, musician, composer, performer,  sculptor, costume designer, artist, graphic designer, etc. AUTS needs and wants your creative input to create a unique event that reflects the integrative and special community that is CI.
  • If you are interested in implementing a research idea as a creative artist and collaborating with artists in other disciplines, please submit a Creative Artist Form Here.
  • You will be required to sign up for  PA 391 production if chosen to lead a performance team of artists and collaborate with research teams.


Review last years website for inspiration!